About Kid Smart Money

Think back to when you were a child

Did you go through life without any lessons, strategies, or any idea how money actually worked? Did your parents just tell you to get a job? Do chores?

When did you actually figure out what and how money actually worked?

We go through life, borrow to go to college, borrow to buy a house, have kids, start a business, etc.

What our ideas and creativity will do for your kids

There are so many shows, channels, outlets that preoccupy kids brains. Many of them have ZERO positive input to their development. I have seen shows that consist primarily of noises and grunts with not one single word in it.

How does this help a child develop?

I am not a professional in the sense, but I doubt there is any.

Why is teaching kids about money important?

As parents or guardians, we want to help our kids navigate and avoid the same mistakes we made growing up. Naturally, those vary from your experiences, backgrounds and upbringing.

We don’t want them to fall into the same traps or mistakes that we have made, especially financially.

As a society, we don’t teach it enough.

Some schools are finally implementing Financial Literature and studies into their curriculum’s, but they should be learning it much younger age.