About the Founder

Learning and managing finances is hard. We tend to learn about these items late in life and have built an entire, multi-trillion dollar industry simply to managing other peoples money.

It should not have to be this way for anyone. You should be comfortable with investing, saving, spending and borrowing throughout every stage of your life.

There are some out there that are completely against borrowing for purposes of building wealth. The issue is that most do not know how to properly use it in order to do so.

We go through the motions of education, secondary education and heavy borrowing to go to college, house kids, cars, boats, country clubs, vacations, etc. You see how quickly things can ad up not including day to day living, food, shelter, clothing.

It is critical you and your kids see money as a tool. No more, no less. It should be used to free up time, build wealth, and provide a level of comfort for you and your family.

The tools and education are getting better but still have a long, difficult journey ahead of it. Companies know this and are able to take advantage of it similar to tobacco products. Think about how its easy to get a credit card or can of tobacco on a college campus for free. Your kids will be able to recognize and avoid situations like this.

Gregory Garone was a former Wealth Advisor to high net worth individuals and founder of the Affluensee Wealth Advisor Platform. My journey is far from perfect and wish I had the education that I have now when it comes to money, borrowing and investing.

But that knowledge will be shared with parents and their kids. Our videos are designed to be quick, engaging and have underlying lessons for you and your loved ones to understand and implement each and every day.

If you have any inquiries, ideas or something that you would like clarification on, please contact me below.