When Do I Teach My Kids About Money?

Think back as far as you can to your childhood and ask when your parents taught you about money?

You might be asking when to teach your kids about money but more importantly, how should I go about it?

Who taught you how money worked? Where it came from? How you earn it? How you save or invest it?

I could tell you now, it probably wasn’t until post college (at least for me).

For many of you, I hope it was earlier than that.

It makes me semi nauseous to think things that I did not do in my life were because of someone else telling me something about it negatively.

You can’t work out so young, you’ll stunt your growth

You shouldn’t start a business without experience

You need to borrow money and go to college

As a kid, I listened to most of these and did not pursue them when I should have.

You need to teach your kids about money yesterday. Do not let them fall into the trap of borrowing, spending into a life of despair.

Teach Your Kids About Money the Right Way

Your kids absorb everything, your habits, what they watch, what they hear and see and everything else in between.

Some of the shows I have seen on various streaming outlets are disturbing no matter how innocent they may seem.

For example, there are multiple shows that only have fast attractive colors and noises such as grunts, sighs, moans and screeches. There is no language, constructive play or teaching that I can witness.

At some psychological level, kids are drawn into this and become memorized by it and frankly, I just do not trust it to help my kids learn anything.

The point is that there are subtle messages and lessons from some of these shows. Some of them good, some of them bad and some of them I just do not get.

The Kid Smart Money Videos are meant to teach small but powerful lessons about money early on because they are not hearing it in school.

You are their best chance your kids will have to learning about money.

Here are some small and unique points you can teach your kids about money

There are teaching points everywhere and everyday that they won’t see or get in school. This is your opportunity to take something you deal with everyday and turn it into a teaching point.

It is OK if you don’t know how to many a connection between these items or how to relate this to them. The point is that you identify there is opportunity everywhere.

  • How you pay for where you live
  • How the electricity works and how its paid for
  • How a bank stores your money for when you need it
  • How groceries are made and paid for
  • What fuels your car and how you pay for its usage
  • How you pay for your car
  • How your company or place of work makes money

When is it appropriate to teach your kids about money?

The earlier the better. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but a lesson a week is what we recommend.

We try to create 1 video per week that carries over from the week before.

Each video has simple lessons that your child will love and enjoy watching, all while learning simple lessons that will stick with them as they continue their education.